Our Analytical Services

Good decisions are based on reliable measurements.  This is true for all types of data.  Reliability is established through good quality management.  In the laboratory, this covers many areas, such as training, record-keeping, calibration of equipment, laboratory performance samples, and method evaluation.  Quality control in our analytical laboratory is achieved through effective training, attention to equipment maintenance and operating conditions, method selection, method validation and implementation, and the use of reference materials and independent check sample programs.

Examples of assistance that we can provide include:

     Testing of ingredients or in-process materials for quality, performance,
        safety or economic parameters

     Nutritional analysis of food and feed products

     Foreign material analysis and identification

     Product composition testing

     Analytical assistance with new product or process development

     Problem-solving with ingredients, processes and customer complaints

     Development or review of ingredient sampling plans

     Ingredient specification development

     Waste stream analysis for discharge permit requirements

     Problem-solving with food manufacturing waste pretreatment processes

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